Kudu Moody

world wild street art collection

I always wanted the perfect bag. not the haute coutour bag I wear with evening gowns and not an all to simple, off the peg bag for my days. just the perfect bag that I can take everywhere with me. after spending countless hours searching for it in countless countries I decided to design my own bags. and I wanted to make them special, so I put street art on it from all the places I’ve been to.
— Kudu

The Idea

My sister is into street art. So when I travel, I've been photographing all kinds of street art for her and sent her the pictures.

It started with just a few and eventually became my world wild street art collection. Now they are on my bags and the bags come with me everywhere.
After spending a lot of time designing the perfect fit, my friends then helped me put it into production and now you can have them too.

Style & Quality

I didn't want anything less than the perfect bag. So I've looked at dozens of places where I could make my own bag and worked hard to eventually have my first bag done, which became now my world wild street art collection bag series.

All bags have superior material, printing and stitching and most collections come with a zipper, so you can close the bags making it the  perfect travel and city companion for every day.

100% Limited Editions

All bags are limited edition and there are only a few of each piece available, because I didn't want the off the peg bag style, but an exclusive collection of the perfect bags I was always looking for.

Each art piece on the bags I found on my travels to different countries and cities and each bag is designed by myself.
I love it, if you like them. Go explore. And don't forget to take your bag with you.